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A lottery, in short, is a type of gambling that consists in choosing random numbers, which are then compared to a draw of random numbers, and anything that matches brings prizes and usually money. 2022 proved to be a lucky year for some individuals and got some substantial wins all over the world. To give you an idea of what you can expect from the world's various international and national lotteries, let's go over some of the year's biggest wins, as they proved record-breaking!

To begin with, there wasn't just one, but TWO US Powerball lottery jackpots won. 🥳

  • On January the 5th, these lucky players won a whopping $632.6 million. Prior to the draw, they purchased their tickets and checked their lotto results on websites such as Sirlotto.
  • Furthermore, the California Mega Millions, the second-largest jackpot, won that year, with a $426 million win in late January 2022. This was the biggest Mega Millions jackpot, and this Californian ranked as the winner of the 29th most enormous jackpot ever won in US history. When Kristine Wellenstein won, she was overcome with emotions and gratitude. This win inspired her to want to give back to the local and global caritative initiatives. On top of that, the tax and sales for this sequence enabled the states to invest $40 million just for the public schools in the State of California. On top of her win, which she chose to accept as a lump sum, the shop she bought the lucky winning ticker from was also able to make a bonus for selling the winning ticket, which is worth $1 million. In addition to her unbelievably winning, another four tickets won million-dollar jackpots when they managed to get the correct numbers for all four main balls.

    January also proved to be a lucrative month in Europe, with two players splitting the Eurojackpot. Although we do not know much about the two winners, we know they hit €48 million, one of them is from Germany, and the other from Lithuania. These inspirational stories can show you how all you need is a bit of 🍀 and the willingness to take a small risk by purchasing a lottery ticket. A single moment in time can inadvertently change your life for good, and the best part is that you win, but so does the state and the shop or virtual lottery retailer such as Sirlotto, so it's an all-around win for everyone involved. The most important part of this journey is making sure you have checked the results. This can be a little annoying if you're following a TV program, as you might be busy. But luckily, lotto results come out on other websites, which combine and compile all the information you need, as well as ticket-purchasing options.

    Here is a guide on international lotteries and the best way to play them using the international lotteries platform Sirlotto, which lets you purchase tickets and play lotteries worldwide!

What are international lotteries?

To understand the workings of international lotteries, we must first understand what a lottery is. 🤔

  • Form of gambling that consists in choosing a random series of numbers

Machine or a person decides the winning series of numbers, once again randomly
(The winning is purely luck-based) 🤞

Usually, the money spent by individuals to purchase tickets forms a large sum of cash called the jackpot, the pool of money that goes to the winner. Frequently, these lotteries are regulated by governments, or the State will officially run them, and the State can even have a monopoly on lotteries. The taxes from the ticket sales and the taxes the State takes from winning the jackpot are then invested to fund education or, more generally, for other public spending endeavours.
Alternatively, lotteries can also be illegal, which were for some time in many places worldwide. They come in many formats; the prize could be fixed. However, this format isn't prevalent because the organizer risks losing money if the number of tickets sold is insufficient.

A little bit of History... 📖

Lotteries have been recorded as early as 205 and 187 BC during the Chinese Han Dynasty and are known to have helped fund significant state endeavours, such as the building of the Great Wall of China. As for Europe, the Roman Empire is known to have organized lotteries as a form of amusement for dinner parties. The winnings at the time often came in the form of prizes such as fancy and exciting items, and each guest would receive a ticket with a random number assigned before the draw. This was mainly used as a form of amusement rather than crowdfunding and was usually an activity that was reserved for the nobles that partook in various Saturnalia events, ceremonies, and celebrations. Later, the Roman Emperor Augustus had the brilliant idea to organize a lottery, this time in the style of his Chinese predecessors, to help fund the repairs of Rome.

During the Medieval Period, historians and archaeologists found a multitude of lotteries organized all over Europe, often to invest the taxes collected by the State into public spending. An example would be the 9th of May, 1445, where walls and town fortifications for the town of L'Ecluse were funded thanks to the sale of 4304 lottery tickets and a jackpot of 1737 florins, the equivalent in dollars would be roughly $170 000.
The Netherlands was also known for all the lotteries that they organized to collect money for those living below the poverty line and various public usages. The oldest running lottery is the Dutch one, founded in 1726. The reason for this longevity, and their initial success, was that it seemed to be regarded as a form of taxation that was painless, fun, and potentially lucrative for the lucky winners and the State and its various public endeavours.

The Lotto found its birth in the city of Genoa, where it proved to be incredibly popular. The Great Council Members were drawn by chance, and people bet on the names of the council members they believed would be drawn randomly that time around. The words were swapped for numbers; the rest is history, as they say. It's an exciting development because those 'elections' were only held twice a year, and people enjoyed the Lotto so much that they wanted to keep playing.

The Italian Lotto was what inspired King Francis I of France to implement the same lotteries to help sponsor state finances. Unfortunately, the first lottery organized in France was an utter fiasco as the Loterie National was held in 1539. The tickets were costly, and the only people capable of affording them had a disdain for them and opposed the entire project. That's why lotteries became forbidden for the following two centuries.

In 1566, the United Kingdom knew its first lottery, organized by Queen Elizabeth the 1st, which was subsequently drawn in 1569. The point of this lottery was to help raise funds to help strengthen the realm and help good public workers. An exciting way to word what we would nowadays call public spending, so the principle remains the same, the State was looking to fund its endeavours partially through the organization of a national lottery. To promote this lottery, sketches of the prizes were drawn on scrolls and distributed all over the land. The cost of each ticket was £0.50, which equated to approximately three weeks' worth of wages for the average person. When it comes to the prizes won by the winners could be valuable commodities such as cloth, plates, tapestries etc., but they also came in the form of liquid cash. The money collected from selling the 400,000 tickets they issued helped the building of new ships and ports for the royal fleet.

Lotteries in colonial America were also highly significant in the establishment of private and public ventures throughout the land. In fact, more than 200 lotteries organized between 1744 and 1776 were central to the fund-collecting to help finance the building of all kinds of publicly used infrastructure, such as churches, roads, libraries, bridges, colleges, colleges, canals etc. An interesting fact is that both the Columbia and Princeton Universities were founded thanks to the Academy Lottery that was organized in 1755. Following the Revolutionary War, lotteries were used to subsidize the Colonial Army, as taxes were never a form of collecting funds that were popular in the US. People preferred investing in a potentially huge win AND public spending rather than just the latter. The possibility of winning made the transaction seem fairer to people, even though their chances of winning were always slim. However, after the State kept resorting to lotteries to raise funds for various endeavours, public opinion swayed, and lotteries started being viewed as a hidden tax.

As for international lotteries, the principle is the same. The difference is that players from all over the world can join in. 🌍

Usually, the biggest jackpots lie within the hands of international lotteries, as they can sell larger pools of tickets, and thus the jackpot grows exponentially. Lotto results and the number choosing are all done online, making it a lot easier to view your lotto result today. When you sign up for an international lottery website, like Sirlotto results, you purchase a ticket with the international lotteries, and they buy a ticket with the same numbers as the ones you chose. They then issue a ticket for you, and you are in their draw to win. The advantages of international lotteries are that it is safer than playing with national lotteries. The international legal lotteries are regulated by governmental and international authorities, which often conduct audits to ensure that the platform complies with all the market regulations. Furthermore, international lotteries allow you to stay anonymous in case you win. One of the most significant issues lottery winners must deal with is the publicity and lack of privacy that comes with the win.

Sirlotto results let you play to win some of the largest international jackpots in the world!
You can choose:

  • Mega Millions
  • Super Enalotto
  • Euro Millions
  • Powerball
  • Lotto 6/49
  • Saturday Lotto
  • Loto France
  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto
  • Bono Lotto et Thunderball

    To make your choice a little easier, we have prepared a little guide with the main pieces of information you would need to know regarding each lottery offered on Sirlotto results.

    Let's begin with the highest-grossing jackpot offered on the platform:

    Mega Millions
  • Jackpot is worth $530 M+
  • Two options for cashing in the check: ✌️
    - you can either get the total value of the jackpot gradually over 30 years
    - you can choose to get a large lump sum, but it will be worth a fraction of the total value.

    In both cases, you would get an unfathomable amount of money worth billions, so both options are lucrative and will change your life forever if you win. If you are outside of the US, purchase a ticket for it on Sirlotto, where you can also efficiently perform lotto results check. The way this lottery works is that you need to choose five main numbers from 1 to 70 (these are the white balls that are drawn) and one extra number, the Gold Mega Ball, which is a number from 1 to 25. The Mega Millions draws organized twice weekly at 11 pm ET on Tuesdays and Fridays on Sirlotto! Don't forget to check the lotto result today if you have played. If you want to play but don't want to choose the numbers on your ticket, Sirlotto gives you the option "Secret Numbers", which randomly selects those numbers.

    The second largest jackpot:

    Super Enalotto jackpot

  • Worth € 240 M +

    This international lottery was created in 1950 and is now one of the world's most famous and played lotteries. The draws are organized three times a week, and Italians await them with bated breath. These are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 pm local time. To play, you must purchase a ticket on Sirlotto results and pick six numbers from 1-90. Don't forget you can check your lotto result today on Sirlotto!

    The third largest jackpot:

    Euromillions lottery: a transnational lottery played in France, Spain, and the UK.

  • Worth £191 M+

    Of course, you can check the result today and buy a ticket from anywhere in the world on Sirlotto. Created in 2004, this lottery resulted from merging the French, British and Spanish lotteries to develop the biggest Lotto in Europe. After the immediate success of this lottery, another nine countries joined in the same year it was created. This number one European lottery organizes two draws a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:05 pm UK time. The way to play stays very similar to what we have been looking at so far; the player needs to choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and another 2, called the "Star" numbers, from 1 to 12.

    The American lottery Powerball 

  • Worth $101 M+.

    This multi-state lottery was created in 1988 and was the first in the world to use two ball machines rather than just 1. The Powerball is another lottery that gives you a couple of options for choosing how to cash your winning check. Once again, the entire value is divided into yearly payments gradually for 30 years or a large lump sum that doesn't match the full value of the jackpot itself. The white balls drawn ate 5, which means you need to choose five main numbers, between 1 and 69, and you must also choose an extra number, which is called the Powerball number in this case, up to 26. The Powerball draws are organized a week thrice, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 11 pm ET. You can check lotto results today on Sirlotto!

    Lotto 6/49 is next on the agenda

  • Jackpot worth 8 M+ Canadian Dollars

    Founded in the eighties, it quickly became the most popular lottery in Canada. This fast-paced increase in popularity was because Lotto 6/49 was the first lottery in Canada available on a national scale. To play this lottery, you must select six numbers up to 49. Check the lotto results today on Sirlotto, and bear in mind the Lotto 6/49 draws are scheduled twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30 pm Ontario time.

    German jackpot Lotto 6 aus 49

  • Worth € 6 M+

    Created in 1955, this lottery made history in Germany, with the largest jackpot ever won worth € 45 M+. You need to choose six numbers up to 49 and another Superzahl number up to 9. Check the lotto results on Sirlotto once the numbers are drawn twice a week, Wednesdays at 6:25 pm and Saturdays at 7:25 pm local time.

    Australian jackpots 

  • the Saturday Lotto can be your winning ticket for a jackpot worth 5+M Australian dollars
  • the Monday & Wednesday Lotto win is currently worth 1 M+ Australian dollars

    To play the Saturday Lotto, all you need to do is purchase a ticket on Sirlotto and then pick six numbers up to 45, with a "supplementary" 6th number between 7 and 20. The Saturday draw is at 8:30 pm AEST time, and the lotto results are then published on Sirlotto. As for the Monday & Wednesday Lotto, you need to bear in mind all winners are paid in lump sums, and you can win 1 M + Australian dollars as of the writing of this article. To play, you must choose six numbers up to 45, with two supplementary numbers this time. The draws are performed Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 pm local time.

    Loto France

  • with a jackpot of € 4 M +.

    Founded in 1976, Loto France is the most lucrative lottery in France and is now available everywhere in the world thanks to Sirlotto, where you can also check the lotto results. The largest jackpot ever won was worth € 24 M! To play Loto France, simply access the Sirlotto website and pick five main numbers and one chance number. The weekly three draws are scheduled at 8:20 pm French time every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

    BonoLoto subsidiary of the Spanish Loteria Nacional's Primitiva

  • potentially win € 800 K+

    Established in 1988 to provide a fair-priced lottery game, it now organizes draws every day of the week except for Sundays at 9 pm Madrid time. To play, simply choose six numbers up to 49. A Reintegro additional number will be randomly selected from 0 to 9.

    British Lottery Thunderball 

  • jackpot of £ 500 K+.

    Launched in 1999, it quickly became one of the most played lotteries in England. To play, you must select five numbers up to 39, and an extra number called the Thunderball up to 14. With four draws a week, it's one of the more tempting lotteries to play. Every Tuesday and Friday, the draws are organized at 8 pm UK time, and Wednesday and Saturday draws are scheduled at 8:15 pm UK time. Buy tickets or check the lotto results on Sirlotto!

JackpotPotential profit
Mega Millions$ 530 M
Super Enalotto€ 240 M
Euromillions lottery£ 191 M
American Powerball$ 101 M
Lotto 6/49$ 8 M 
German Lotto 6 aus 49€ 6 M
Australian jackpots$ 5 M
Loto France€ 4 M
BonoLoto€ 800 K
British Thunderball£ 500 K

Different types of International Lotteries:

When people talk of lotteries, the first thing that comes to mind is the definition we started this article with, namely the random selection of numbers which are subsequently randomly drawn and based on the matches between the two prizes are won. Indeed, that is what lotteries are. However, slight variations consist of different kinds of lottery games. What is most interesting about lotteries is that they are legal in many countries, unlike the rest of their gambling counterparts which are banned often.

Lotto is the most popular of the lottery games, and it usually consists in choosing 6️ numbers. Often you will notice it involves 4-5-6 main numbers and potentially 1 or 2 unique/extra numbers. Winning is divided into progressive slots; the more numbers match the numbers drawn, the higher the prize value. If you get all six numbers, you win the whole jackpot. If multiple people choose the exact numbers, the prize is divided into as many winners as possible. Nothing to worry about in this case; even if there are multiple winners, you can be sure that the value of the prize is so high and often in the millions, you would be set for a while no matter what. If you choose to play, we suggest you consider that some of the international lotteries, especially those organized in the US, arrange the payout in a couple of different ways:

  • The numbers you see advertised as the annuity jackpot is usually much more significant than what you can get as a lump sum or one-time payment. However, the annuity jackpot sum that you see advertised is based on the time value of money, which means that it doesn’t include the income taxes to which the prize is subject. Once a winner has been declared, the sum is subject to several taxes, giving a portion of the prize money back to the state. Usually, if the winner decides to take home the lump sum, he is entitled to roughly a third of the advertised jackpot sum at the end of the tax year.

  • The second option is lottery annuities, which means the prize is divided and sent to you yearly over twenty to thirty years. This is called a “lifetime prize”, and many experts suggest that this is the better option, not only because you are entitled to the whole sum, but also because you have a much better chance of staying ‘rich’ rather than spending all your winnings within a few years. That being said, most winners end up choosing the lump sum option because they believe they will get a better likelihood of a higher return on their investments. Some countries, however, do allow lottery winning that isn’t subjected to any income taxing like Liechtenstein, and other countries like for example France, New Zealand, Italy, the UK, Germany, or Australia pay out jackpots in one lump sum. Some Lotto winners have been known to hire attorneys so they may help them set up a blind trust so they may claim the jackpot without having their identity divulged to the public.

    In case you don’t like the pressure of having to choose your numbers, we suggest you give raffles a try. The principle of raffles is similar to how lotteries work. However, the ticket you buy already has a number assigned for you. When the draw takes place, you are the winner if your ticket matches the number drawn on that day. Frequently raffles have more winners, so the likelihood of you being one of them is slightly higher. Raffles have become more readily available for people because they tend to be cheaper than lottery tickets, and you can often find companies selling tickets cheaper, taking some of the risks for you. However, you owe them a percentage of the prize if you win.

    Another popular form of a lottery; however, the rules here vary quite a bit from Lotto. It’s a slightly more social type of lottery as it is a multiplayer game. To begin, players take pre-printed tickets with numbers already appearing on them. Numbers are called out; you can cross them out from your sheet if they appear. The different areas of the ticket have various prizes associated with them. If you get an entire line correct, that’s a small win; if it is diagonal, the reward becomes more lucrative, and finally, the first to get a full house, i.e., all the numbers crossed out, gets the biggest prize. You can choose your own numbers in some rare cases.

    Scratch cards.
    These are ideal if you have no desire to choose your cards and you want a quick and easy lottery game. Often you can find scratch cards in most convenience stores and petrol stations, perhaps the most accessible kind of lottery you can find. What makes scratch cards popular and thus readily available is the fact that there is no delay in finding out whether you have won something or not. Once you buy the card and follow the instructions by scratching the area that needs to be rubbed out to reveal the result, you immediately know if you have won and can cash in your prize straight away. With Lotto and Raffles, there is a delay, Lotto being the slowest to yield results, although the biggest jackpots lie therein.

    Participation in the wheel of fortune lotteries
    Rather than choosing your numbers, they are all put on a wheel which is divided into sections; each number represents a different prize. The wheel is then spun, and whatever portion of the wheel the dial lands on represents the prize won during that spin. There are wide varieties, and often wheel of fortune formats is TV. The prices vary depending on the game, and this format has evolved; you can now see that the wheel of fortune is used for all kinds of things, whether gambling or just for fun.

    On Sirlotto, you can purchase syndicates, which means that rather than buying a single ticket of your own, you own shares of several tickets with other players. If one of the tickets you own shares of turns out to be a winning ticket, you get a portion of the jackpot that matches the stake you purchased from the ticket in question. Your choice in this instance is the lottery syndicate you want to take part in and how many shares of each ticket you are interested in buying. The result is that you have a much higher chance of winning than if you have a single ticket. However, the sum you will likely win will also be proportionally lower. In any case, many players are interested in purchasing syndicates because international lotteries take some of the highest jackpots in the world, worth billions of dollars. Thus even a small share of such a large sum can be life-changing, and the likelihood of you winning is so much higher, that purchasing syndicates is entirely worth it.

    Another significant advantage of purchasing lottery tickets on Sirlotto is that they offer Bundles. This is the option for those who would like to increase the likelihood of winning by playing several lotteries at once, it saves you time on having to purchase the tickets separately, but you also end up saving money and making sure that you will not miss a single draw! These packs or Bundles of tickets include all the numbers and all the tickets you would need to cover weekly interests from a few different international lotteries. You can choose between the “American-Dream” Bundle, which incorporates various lotteries in North America or “Euro-Lines”, which clusters together the most sought-after European Lotteries on Sirlotto.

    The former contains 14 tickets per week: 

  • 2 x Euromillions draws,
  • 3 x SuperEnalotto draws,
  • 2 x 6aus49 draws,
  • 4 Thunderball draws, 
  • 3 Lotto France draws.

    The latter includes six tickets:

  • 2 of which are Lotto 6/49 draws,
  • 2 of which are Mega Millions draws,
  • 2 Powerball draws.

    All you need to do is select a Bungle and the number of weeks you are interested in playing, and once you have finalized the purchase, you must simply wait for our team to contact you in case of any wins following the draws.

Some important lotto vocabulary:

Annuity: The annuity represents the payments given to the winner of a lottery game that is annuitized over 20 to 30 years, usually permitting the lottery to advertise a jackpot sum more significant than what they currently have the cash for.

Beneficiary: The designated person who receives the profits of a lottery.
Force Majeure: A clause which is part of lottery contracts in which they are protected in case they cannot pay the jackpot prize due to some unforeseeable event or natural disaster.

Gambling: Wagering monetary sums to make profits and bet on something that has a likelihood without any certainty of happening.
Game Matrix: The system is based on the number of numbers matched, and the payout sum decided. An example would be the classic 6 of 49 game matrix, which is one of the most used internationally.

Instant Game (Scratcher): A lottery game involving scratching a display unit on a ticket to find out if it’s a winning ticket. You find out and can get the prize immediately, and these tickets are often sold behind service counters or in convenience stores.

Jackpot: The biggest prize available in a lottery game.
Lottery drawing: Selecting numbers to decide which of the tickets that have been sold is a winner. These are often chosen randomly by machines or mechanical devices that spin or spit a ball with numbers.

Lump Sum: Unlike an annuitized payment, this is a prize acceptance formula that lets the player get a one-time payment in full. However, the value is often roughly 1/3 of the total annuitized jackpot sum.

Multiplier: Sometimes, lotteries offer the option of drawing an extra number to multiply the value of the prize. However, an increased wager sum is usually required in this case.

Drawing Pool: All the tickets sold before a draw that are eligible for the prize comprise the drawing pool of the lottery game in question.

Main numbers: Lotto is usually played with main numbers and different numbers. The main numbers are usually 4-5-6 numbers which are drawn first.

Special / extra numbers: At the end of a draw, after the 4-5-6 main numbers have been drawn, a unique number is the last one required to win the jackpot.

Rollover: If a jackpot isn’t won and none of the tickets matches the numbers drawn, the jackpot amount ‘rolls over’ or is accumulated together with the prize money for the next draw. This happens until the jackpot is won.

Winner awareness: The process of publicizing lottery winners in an effort to advertise lotteries even further.

Withholding: The winner’s prize has an amount which is subtracted from the total sum with the goal of covering initial payments for federal, state and sometimes local taxes. Sometimes, lotteries can even withhold a part of their financial obligations that they owe to the jurisdiction, which are called withholding sums.

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